What is couples’ therapy and why does it work?

Many couples turn to therapy in times of distress and frustration during their marriage. Some couples who seek out a therapist have been married for years and have suddenly felt disconnected from their partner. Other couples may be recently married and having a hard time transitioning into their new relationship because there are more challenging than they expected. When couples decide to do couples therapy, they can expect to sit down with a trained therapist and create a safe place to discuss their issues.

In couples’ therapy, one important thing will happen,

You will understand your partner on a deeper level and the way they think. Many times in relationships, especially for those who have been together for many years, individuals will assume they know their partner well and assume they know exactly what they want; however, this is not always the case. Couples therapy allows you to re-meet your partner, and discover again their likes and dislikes.

Couples therapy works because it allows couples who may be going through many challenges and struggles the chance to communicate effectively with one another. If you are interested in starting couples’ therapy, or have any general questions, please contact us at 469-714-0006 or email info@exulthealthcare.com. We offer compassionate services for all ages and are committed to your emotional health.

Written By – Aly Bowles – Social Media Coordinator

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