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Our Story

Whether you are having anxiety and panic attacks, being paranoid that someone is going to hurt you, suffering from hopelessness, helplessness, simply in a crisis from stressors, hallucinating from street drugs, discharged from a hospital ER because you are not sick enough to meet the criteria for hospitalization, waiting to get an appointment because you missed your regular appointment and now cannot get in for the next three weeks to see your provider to get refills. In these scenarios and many more I believe you need quick access to a mental health provider and resources.

I have been a Psychiatrist in the community for the past 15 years and take pride in providing responsible care. Mental health challenges in the community include - how to meet urgent mental health needs, what do you do when the providers office is closed, how to find coverage when you take time off. Community members may not know how to access mental health services and need help navigating the system.

Is rushing to an ER an adequate option for mental health? The short answer is no. Most ER in community hospitals have minimal access to mental health resources. They often check you for a medical condition, give you medication for 3-7 days and instruct you to follow up with your psychiatrist. Average waiting for the appointment can be 4-12 weeks.

I had a patient show up for therapy recently, discharged from the local ER for intoxication. He was treated in the ER with fluids and once his blood alcohol level came down he was discharged. No follow up care, no warnings about symptoms of withdrawal, possible seizures or even death. The average ER is not equipped to understand mental health and/or addiction illnesses.

I wanted to have a resource and care for people who are not sick enough to be in hospital, yet have an urgent need for mental health needs. I have put in a team of clinicians and resources who have worked in crisis management in mental health hospitals, developed relationships with area hospitals, agencies and want to bridge the gap between outpatient services and hospitals.

Deepika Bhargava, MD - Board Certified Adult & Geriatric Psychiatry; Board Certified Addiction Medicine
Recognized among D Magazine's Best Doctors 2 years in a row.

What We Do

Frequently Asked Questions

A crisis assessment is an evaluation where comprehensive information is gathered from an individual when they find themselves presently in a mental health emergency. The goal is to provide support and produce an effective treatment plan.
Crisis short term medication management is a service where mental health prescriptions can be offered in the interim of normally scheduled psychiatric appointments. Some individuals find themselves unable to get into their normal doctor for some time, maybe up to months.
Crisis therapy is one on one therapy provided to those persons dealing with a present crisis. The goal is to provide coping skills and tools to aide in re-obtaining emotional stability.
A Psych urgent care is the providing of mental health services during after hours, weekends, and when your normal psychiatric offices are closed. We are not and Emergency Room (ER) and should not be confused with them when life-threatening events arise.
We here at Psych+ Urgent Care understand that insurance can be confusing. For this reason we have removed this factor and simplified this process.
We offer a comprehensive variety of services here at +Psych Urgent Care. By utilizing a crisis assessment, crisis short-term medication management, and/or crisis therapy to develop a treatment plan, we will aide in returning stability to those in need.
No appointment is needed. Unfortunately, a crisis does not always occur at the most convenient times, that why at +Psych Urgent Care we offer after hour and weekend hours.

Our Community Partners


We have a close relationship with neighborhood hospitals.

Community Mental Health Services

We have an extensive list of mental health resources to satisfy all patient needs.

Urgent Care Centers

We have a close relationship with neighbouring urgent cares.

Residential Treatment Centers

We have a close relationship with many residential treatment centers that can offer a deeper level of care to our patients.


Our staff of psychiatrist are trained extensively in crisis management.


We have a staff of warm, engaging therapist who care about our patients.

Detox Centers

Our team of clinicians is able to recommend a more indepth detox procedure if that is what a patient needs.

Primary Care Physicians

Our Psych Urgent Care will be able to work with your primary care physician and keep hem updated on your progress.

Other Partners

Any other care we feel will be beneficial to you help you, we will suggest.

Get the Care You Need

Mental health related emergencies don't often get the attention they need, we're here to change that. Contact us and get help when you need it, not when just when it's available.

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