Gaining Independence

any things can feel as if they hold us back and keep us from having the life we really want to lead. Whether it is depression, weight issues, addiction, anxiety, marital struggles, or other personal challenges they can feel and be burdensome.

But when we make a decision inside our own minds of “enough is enough” we begin breaking free. That decision is the beginning of a process. Often there are moments of real joy and a sense of victory, often there are moments of struggle and frustration. But by standing with our decision that enough is enough and refusing to give up, we re-affirm that we have the right to be free and the will to achieve it.

Just as our forefathers reached out for help from others to gain the final victory, so too can you seek the support you need to reach your goals.

Exult Behavioral Healthcare is here to help. We love assisting our patients to make the positive changes that help bring about the lives they truly want to live. No feeling is better than reaching a personal goal and in retrospect being able to say to oneself “I did it!”


Michael O’Neal, LCDC-ADC III

Clinical Program Director