Millennials and Therapy

It was once a stigma in our society but now has become somewhat a norm among the so-called millennials in our society. What we are talking about is mental-health therapy. Peggy Drexler in her article Millennials are the Therapy Generation talks about how more “20- and 30- somethings turn to therapy sooner and with fewer reservations than young people did in previous eras.”

There is a lot of pressure put on the younger generation by society to be perfect which can lead to depression and mental illnesses. The main reasons for this are the rise of social media and technology, which leads to desire to reach out for therapy. Social media is a great place for millennials because it lets them to see people they see as role models talk about their struggles with depression, and how it is okay to reach out for help.

Because of this, more teens are getting therapy much earlier in their life than the past. A lot of them try to find balance in their work/student and social life. Social media showcases a safer place for people to reach out and talk. Technology makes it easier for people to get therapy with certain apps like Talkspace and MyTherapist.

For those who like the comfort of their homes when getting therapy instead of going to an office can use these apps in which they can call and video chat. Therapy isn’t for everyone; however, there are alternate ways to seek help now more than ever.

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