Men and Anxiety

What we believe to be considered a stigma is an actual problem in our society. That is the idea of men having to express and deal with anxiety. A lot of times when men try to reach for help it isseen as a form of weakness. Because of this, a lot of men deal with their anxiety through other activities like alcohol abuse or anger issues.

Studies have shown that one in five men will go through an anxiety disorder; however, psychologists worry that many cases are going unreported. This is due to fact that many are just not coming in to report their issues. This needsto change because reaching out for treatment should not be considered a stigma, it should be a healthy way to get the problems resolved. Getting help should be the first option for dealing with anxiety or depression, because alcohol use and anger issues are never good options.

Andrea Peterson in her article In Men, Anxiety Can Often Look Different writes about how some doctors like Dr. McKay from Fordham University do not use the word “anxiety” during the first couple of therapy sessions with men because it helps them feel more comfortable calling it coaching or helping with performance. There are ways for men to feel more comfortable with therapy and society should not scare them away from reaching out for help.

Written By – Akash Patel

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