Back to School Health and Wellness: Keeping your child mentally healthy this school year!

This back to school season keep your children healthy both physically and mentally. Parents understand how to keep their children healthy physically, but it is important to remember your student’s mental health as well. Parents can start by:

Encourage your child to spend a little bit of time each day journaling. Journaling allows children and adolescents to express their emotions, without having to worry about the judgement of adults. Journaling can also be a safe place for children to vent and unload their problems while also giving them a place to write about situations that brought them joy.

Ensure your child is getting enough sleep. To help your child fall asleep with ease, consider creating a night time routine. Have your child get into bed at the same time each night. If your child has a hard time falling asleep, suggest they read a chapter of a book they enjoy. Reading before bed has been shown to stimulate sleep in both children and adults.

Let your children know that you are approachable, and that you are always available to communicate with them. This communication can be as simple as texting them fun messages throughout the day, or the proverbial “how was your day at school”. Help your child understand that communicating with you is simple, and that if their mental health is ever in jeopardy, you will be able to help.

If you have noticed that your child is having an exceptionally difficult time at school, consider bringing them in for individual counseling with one our child therapist.

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